the irony of it all

So, finally I have done what I’ve been pressured to do–put my opinions on some sort of permanent basis. The threat used to be that I’d write a book of marriage advice called “How to be the Happy Wife of a Human Husband”; this usually said after listening to a friend bemoan her spouse’s shortcomings. I have lots of opinions–lots and lots. The trick is to get them written!

Just like joining Curves & not going because I don’t feel like it, reading magazines to get ideas about how to organize my junk & not moving a paper, or making a “to-do” list & doing something else; beginning a blog creates a feeling of accomplishment that is illusionary yet somehow satisfying–temporarily. Why are humans like that?

Probably because we ARE human, frail pots of clay with value because of the price paid for us out of love.


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