More stretching, aches & pains

My daughter moved my dusty, ignored blog over to wordpress.  She has been revamping our tech life because that’s her business ( and I am again being stretched!  Immediately, there’s been feedback, some very heartfelt comments on how my words helped some sisters who share the struggle to see how God works all things together for good.  Kind of overwhelming first thing in the morning (now you know that I didn’t read my Bible first thing–I am not a good example of disciplined consistency).

When I haven’t been stretching, I tighten up.  I can’t touch my toes unless I’ve been consistently stretching for about a month.  If I haven’t been exercising, I get sore when I start up again.  My body protests being forced to do more than it did yesterday.  It’s so EASY to stay in the comfort zone and petrify!

I have found that God made us uncompartmentalized.  Our bodies, our minds, our spirits are so  interwoven that it is impossible to separate them accurately.  What goes on in the body affects the mind & spirit, what goes on in the mind affects the body, etc.  And just like my aging body, my mind and my spirit petrify if I stay in their comfort zone.  I need the stretching of word and debate and study and prayer and fellowship just as I need the movement to stay limber.


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