Hospitality & expectations

Tonight we had a party; our daughter is leaving for Guam next week and she wanted to see her friends so she invited all sorts of people over and we did a campfire, set up a canopy with a picnic table (with electricity so there were lights and a fan!  Woot!) and not everyone came…and we knew they could not all come….but the right people came; those God had in mind.

I think that this evening was a good reminder for me.  The fact that our family worked together to get ready but we did not stress about everything being ‘perfect’ and we were glad to see our friends made them glad to be here.  What was important was not the entire guest list coming, or the menu, or the setup.  The important thing was cherishing the time as a gift from God, and welcoming those who were here.

Being prepared made it easier to welcome guests but the most vital preparation happened in my heart.


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