“When your children ask…”


What is the purpose of a memorial?  It is a teaching tool, a physical symbol to remind us of something that happened.  All through the Old Testament, God tells people to do things so that when your children ask, ‘what are these stones?’ or ‘why do we do this?’  you can tell them what the Lord God did for His people.

This need for a reminder is humankind-wide.  I can’t think of a single society that does not memorialize significance somehow.  And every memorial is a story that must be told by the living to the next generation or the stories are lost and the memorial loses its meaning.  A memorial without meaning is useless.

Look around you…do you know the stories behind the things your parents or grandparents cherish?  Are there things in YOUR life that remind you of what God has done for you?  Does anybody know about it?  Have you asked anyone about their stories & listened to them?  We do not go through life alone.


2 thoughts on ““When your children ask…”

  1. I remember the “Ebenezer Notebook” we had with stories of how God had provided for us, I always liked to flip through that and remember those times because it reminded me that God had taken care of my family.


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