Tuesday nights & testing

Tuesday nights are our date nights…we go to a small Spanish class nearby and attempt to learn the language, and then go out to a small diner and attempt to review the class.  It has been a good thing even though we don’t learn as fast as we’d like.  Tonight there was a test, and the teacher’s goal was for us to see that we had actually learned something…everyone got some words right!  There is progress, it is just sloooow progress.

I am reminded of how I spent my day today…I sat with a church friend who has just come home from surgery after a bad car accident while his wife went to work for the first time since the crash.  He would probably have been all right, but she worried that he might not and so he cheerfully accepted my presence to make her feel better.  A small thing…but their marriage is being slowly healed as God brings new life into a marriage once fractured in more painful pieces than his body is right now.

Both are young believers: he actually shared his testimony a few months ago to announce his trusting in Christ for salvation.  Both bring baggage to the home they share, and things have been rough at times.  This accident has been like our Spanish test…it is revealing the things they are getting right.



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