Ignorancy hangin’ out all over me

The only job that has materialized for me…paying job….is that of an article-content-provider on the web.  Who knew such a job existed?  It is like being in school with paid grades…10$ for each 500 word report on a website, 5 reports a week.

My problem has been that, while I can write, I have no clear idea of how THEY want me to write.  So I submit & rewrite as I get feedback.  That brings the pay per hour down considerably.  Hopefully I will soon get the hang of this skill and be making enough money to help pay some bills.  Right now, I am writing in the dark.

I see clearly that I need to be obedient and write when I don’t feel like it.  God helps greatly when I am obedient.  I thought I’d learned this lesson but I guess it keeps coming back anyhow.  It does help to remember how He helped the last time!  Even in my ignorance.


4 thoughts on “Ignorancy hangin’ out all over me

  1. I think that’s one of the hurdles of freelancing; you’re, after all, being paid to deliver a product according to what your employer desires. Then again, you’re taking important steps, namely making some money out of something you love. I recommend you watch the Neil Gaiman video I reblogged to get some nice encouragement.


  2. I did some of that kind of work last year, and when you’ve got to have keywords and phrases in an article a certain number of times and still have it sound coherent and not awkward — that’s not an easy feat. Then the outfit I was writing for stopped paying people in a timely manner, and then stopped paying at all. They went under still owing lots of money to people. I hope you’re working with a better group!


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