It’s so SIMPLE

I got another screen protector for my e-reader.  Such simple instructions!  Just wipe all the dust off, peel off one of the protective sides, place the screen protector on the device, smooth out the air bubbles, peel off the last side, and smooth out any remaining bubbles.


I was working on the kitchen counter so I could see the dust in the sunlight…nothing marred the shiny black surface…put on the screen protector & watched the little fibers or dots or whatever they are magically appear.  And that is where they stayed, trapped under the unforgiving surface of the plastic.  I did not see them, even though I was carefully doing all I could to clean them off.

I can’t help but be reminded of sin, and how clean I think I am until God shows me all the little rebellions and self-centered habits in my life.  By His mercy, they are not preserved under plastic but washed away when I bring myself to Him.

Realizing forgiveness helps me forgive those little, glaring dust mites in my family’s lives.  We live in a dusty house; no need to preserve dust because there’s plenty more if I look for it.  No help to whine about it because it doesn’t go away from complaining.  Best to just wipe it off when I’m aware of it & appreciate living in a home..


2 thoughts on “It’s so SIMPLE

  1. Silly. You’re supposed to apply those inside a vacuum chamber. Breathing? You don’t need to breathe. Breathing is boring.


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