We just got done with our home-grown version of vacation Bible school, called “Kids Camp” in this church.  It was ambitious: the first time the little church plant did it all by ourselves with our own people, and most of the planning was done by the teens(with a little help when they asked for it).

The theme was the whole story of the Bible…reduced to the beginning (God created & people rebelled)….the middle (how God fixed the problem by becoming human & dying on the cross but not staying dead)….and the end (God wins).  My job was the memory class.

We chose the passage in Philippians 2:5-11 and I’ve been praying about it for several months.  How do you teach a child such deep things?  So we went with motions to remember each part of the passage and the Contemporary English Version to keep the words at kid level.  We are talking three age groups here, 10-11 year olds, 7-9 year olds, and 4-6 year olds.  That means each class was a little bit different in how they think, and the little guys don’t read.

It was completely God doing great things every day.  Here’s an idea of the motions:

Philippians 2:5-11 (write a P, 2, 5, 11 on palm)

Think the same way Christ Jesus thought (touch temples, make Jesus sign by touching each palm with middle finger for the nails, touch temples again)

Christ was truly God (squeeze hands together over head so they feel like one hand)

But he did not try to remain equal with God (let go of hands and open one had up)

instead he gave up everything (bring open hand down)

and became a slave (bring other hand down and grab wrist)

when he became like one of us (rock a baby)

Christ was humble (fold hands in prayer because God is the boss)

He obeyed God (nod head ‘yes’)

and even died on a cross (stretch arms out to make cross)

Then God gave Christ the highest place (reach over and grab wrist and PULL hand up so both hands are overhead because Jesus was dead and God made him alive)

and honored his name above all others (make Jesus sign over head)

So at the name of Jesus everyone will bow down (bow down)

those in heaven (point up with both hands)

on earth (point in front with both hands)

and under the earth (point down with both hands)

and to the glory of God the Father (hold one hand palm up, smack it and wiggle the other hand while raising it up over head)

everyone will openly agree (hold hands out to sides and nod all around)

“Jesus Christ (Jesus sign, touching palms with middle finger to show nail holes)

is Lord” (make an L with hand and move diagonally from shoulder across body to waist)

So…three days to learn it and one day to practice before any kid that wants to gets up on stage to show their parents.  More importantly, four days to try and plant seeds of truth that God will use in their lives as they understand a little bit about who He is and what He has done.  Every day we talked, at their level, about why those motions fit that verse, and about the day’s story.

The reason this post is titled “BOOM!” is because the 4-6 year olds decided that BOOM! has to be said when Jesus let go of being God…a big deal, indeed!  and when God made Jesus come alive again, proving that Jesus is really God.  So when all ages were up on stage going through the passage & motions, at those two points, little voices yelled, “BOOM!”

Kind of cool…and I think it may even be theologically correct…..


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