When God Takes It Away

We just came through Hurricane Sandy with no more than a power loss for about 13 hours.  It helps to live where we can have a rain barrel to flush the toilet with and a woodstove to warm the room and make coffee!

Many others are not in our comfy circumstances…they continue to lack power, or are still in shelters because their home is gone, or are surrounded by people becoming increasingly frustrated and angry at the devastation they are experiencing.  People in grief are not able to see past their tears.

If it occurs to you to pray for your brothers and sisters who have lost much in this storm, do it.  If you can find a way to help, do that, too.

In the middle of the dark night, Dave woke up and went outside to see what was happening…the eye of the storm was passing overhead and the wind had died, the rain had stopped, and he could see the stars.  After a while the storm came back, and it continued to rain for days.

It’s a good reminder to me that God is still with us, even in the storm.  Sometimes despair is a pit, but sometimes it is a terrifying force that overwhelms us…yet God is with us despite our feelings.

I am thankful for His neverending love.


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