These Things Take Time, Love..

My daughter…it is such a blessing to be in on her thoughts! There is no greater joy than to hear of your children walking in truth, I think that is because I am so aware of all my shortcomings so it is a double blessing of grace to know that a child is growing in the Lord.

Righteous Tree

When I got home I expected everything to move quickly.  I was going to start work, get a car, apply for a full time position, pay up my bills.. yeah.  So what actually happened is that I’ve run into some walls and I’m waiting.  The first few days I was mindlessly running against said walls and slamming my head up against them and not being a very good truster in general, but after I sufficiently convinced myself that there were no options I sat down and glared at God and then sighed and accepted it.

What’s up with him and all the waiting?  Isn’t that the theme of just about everybody’s life?  There are books and blogs and statuses and diary entries full of our impatient whining about how God makes us wait for love and success and answers.  How can it possibly be that important?  What could I possibly…

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