I have been incredibly busy lately. Kids getting married, projects to make money, adjustments in living spaces and increasing activity in our home have taken up all energy to write a blog post.

I find that when I have a season in my life like this, I need to see some emptiness. I love living where we do because there will be sudden spots in the road where the fields are on both sides stretching out while the sky curves in a huge bowl of emptiness. I love that sense of space. So I have been on a dejunking binge again, making some empty spaces in my house to rest my soul.

The holidays mean our house will be full of people. I don’t need stuff competing for attention when there are people here; but I love stuff. I have to decide which thing I want more, the temporary “what” or the eternal “who” that God has put in my life and make space for what I value. Right now, I value that restful sense of room to expand.Image


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