Soup Night and Star Biscuits

It started out as an endeavor to feed the intern, a young man who wanted to shadow our pastor and learn about ministry.

Adam was going to sleep in the upstairs room at the church, and we told him he could come over on Monday nights and invite friends. To make it simple, I make soup and biscuits. This way it’s no big deal if people don’t show up, and there’s plenty of food.

It has become a regular thing. Soup night is beloved by a small group of young adults and is one of my current blessings. I love that they come and crowd around the table shoulder to shoulder, with the overflow leaning against the counters. I make at least one pot of soup and usually make star biscuits.

Star biscuits are cut with a star cookie cutter. When my kids were small, I’d use cutters to make different shapes of biscuit when I had time. If I am in a hurry, those biscuits are square. The recipe has become the simplest imaginable: KAF self-rising flour and heavy cream. Combine to make the dough, pat & cut, bake at 425…how easy is that? Serve with butter and the favorites: honey and homemade concord grape jam from our picking trips to New York State.

I think what the group who loves soup night really loves is the feeling that they are welcome and favored. I make the biscuits because they like it. I try to do soup without MSG or gluten because there are a few who can’t handle those things. They are free to come or not come, and it’s okay. A few have confessed that they have now tried new things because the soup often changes to fit my larder.

I can’t describe how much we are blessed by this night every week. It’s rich and rewarding to know each person.

They come, talk, eat, usually play a game or two, and leave discussing which movie they will watch. We watch the taillights leave the dark driveway and are glad they came.


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