About the Changes on this Site


My daughter, Beth, recently asked if she could take over the management of my blog and help me get it to a point of helpfulness. As she is in the trenches of young motherhood, she sees a great need for encouragement from other women who have experienced this season.

I agreed, because it makes sense to do what will meet a need. We know many women in various seasons of life, and plan to ask them to share their perspective here. This means that The Happy Wife of a Human Husband won’t only be about marriage, but that is okay because marriage is only one facet of the jewel that God is in the process of crafting — you.

I also agreed because I find it difficult to write unless I have a reason to write. I talk all the time because I have relationships with others. There are many words used in listening, encouraging, teaching, and sharing. These words rarely get written down but have value because they serve one purpose of communication: we share, we connect, we realize we are not alone.

Writing our stories in a concrete form shares the memories of what God has done in our lives during one of the many seasons of life. The written word can be read again, and someone who hasn’t met us yet can read the story shared, connect with what is said, and realize that they also are not alone.

There will be a new, regular feature on this site: guest posts from friends who have been willing to write what God has done in their life during one of the many seasons of womanhood. I hope you will be encouraged.


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