About Us

10615399_10154856889495274_8207793024869314472_nNicki “Obimom”

This blog is being created because writing a book titled “How to Be the Happy Wife of a Human Husband” is a consistent threat of mine. And I keep being told to write it….so a blog is a more realistic choice at the moment.

Since I am new at the whole blog thing, it will be a process….but marriage is a long, slow process that cycles so I imagine this will be, too.

My credentials…I’ve been married to Dave since 1983, we have 4 kids all grown up (graduated the last homeschooler in June 2008) and we are now graduated from Mom and Dad to Grandma and Granddaddy.

The foundation that I am building my life on is Jesus Christ and because truth doesn’t change I have a solid rock to build on, but anyone can take my observations and compare them to your own. Truth applies to everyone, just like gravity.

10994051_10155243079495274_4563370067514576972_nBeth “Bethica”

I am the one pushing my mother to write this blog.  She is full of the wisdom that comes from years of walking with God through seasons of life, and the women I know need to hear what she has to say.  It is my hope that this blog becomes full of stories of God’s faithfulness and how he provides everything we need to be obedient and content in him.

As a young wife and mom, I am hoping that we can create the blog that I need in my life.  I have walked through singleness, into marriage and now motherhood, and I need to see that God is working in the day to day lives of women in all of these stages.  We can encourage each other with our stories of his faithfulness!