A New Venture with c0ws…that’s a zero there.

I am part of a group of writers who decided to start a new site: cows.com. It’s a bit tricky because the ‘o’ is actually a zero, but it’s fun to type. My first post is on how to do volunteer facepainting with kids and it has been a challenge to learn about Amazon affiliate stuff along with the rest of the skills I will need to make money on the internet.

One of the reasons I am doing this isn’t so much the money (although it helps) as it is the opportunity to work alongside people outside the Body of Christ. I miss that reminder of the difference in perspective salvation brings and it seems like God is putting me in this spot to be a little bit of salt. So we shall see what happens.

If you go to c0ws.com it will be a conglomerate of something new all the time, with different kinds of posts from many types of writers with completely different views on life. So far there is are lifestyle, entertainment, business, and technology sections along with some columns. It kind of reminds me of Mars Hill when Paul walked along those busy intersections of life.



Soup Night and Star Biscuits

It started out as an endeavor to feed the intern, a young man who wanted to shadow our pastor and learn about ministry.

Adam was going to sleep in the upstairs room at the church, and we told him he could come over on Monday nights and invite friends. To make it simple, I make soup and biscuits. This way it’s no big deal if people don’t show up, and there’s plenty of food.

It has become a regular thing. Soup night is beloved by a small group of young adults and is one of my current blessings. I love that they come and crowd around the table shoulder to shoulder, with the overflow leaning against the counters. I make at least one pot of soup and usually make star biscuits.

Star biscuits are cut with a star cookie cutter. When my kids were small, I’d use cutters to make different shapes of biscuit when I had time. If I am in a hurry, those biscuits are square. The recipe has become the simplest imaginable: KAF self-rising flour and heavy cream. Combine to make the dough, pat & cut, bake at 425…how easy is that? Serve with butter and the favorites: honey and homemade concord grape jam from our picking trips to New York State.

I think what the group who loves soup night really loves is the feeling that they are welcome and favored. I make the biscuits because they like it. I try to do soup without MSG or gluten because there are a few who can’t handle those things. They are free to come or not come, and it’s okay. A few have confessed that they have now tried new things because the soup often changes to fit my larder.

I can’t describe how much we are blessed by this night every week. It’s rich and rewarding to know each person.

They come, talk, eat, usually play a game or two, and leave discussing which movie they will watch. We watch the taillights leave the dark driveway and are glad they came.


I have been incredibly busy lately. Kids getting married, projects to make money, adjustments in living spaces and increasing activity in our home have taken up all energy to write a blog post.

I find that when I have a season in my life like this, I need to see some emptiness. I love living where we do because there will be sudden spots in the road where the fields are on both sides stretching out while the sky curves in a huge bowl of emptiness. I love that sense of space. So I have been on a dejunking binge again, making some empty spaces in my house to rest my soul.

The holidays mean our house will be full of people. I don’t need stuff competing for attention when there are people here; but I love stuff. I have to decide which thing I want more, the temporary “what” or the eternal “who” that God has put in my life and make space for what I value. Right now, I value that restful sense of room to expand.Image

A New Season in Life….again

My oldest son just got engaged.  What a blessing, and answer to prayer!  For years, we’ve prayed for our children and their potential spouses, and it is fun to see it happen.  We won’t get to see much of the couple: they will live on the other side of the world, and probably get married there, too, since it makes more sense financially.  It reminds me of how many people in the history of Mankind didn’t do things the way we do it.  Every spring the wedding marketing machine kicks into high gear and I think that most of it is very fun stuff…Pinterest is particularly appealing…but the marriage is more important.  We’d love to be there, but we won’t be in their community as newlyweds and we will support them as well as we can in prayer and chat.

I think the people you are around as a young family have a great effect on your marriage.  What do you think?


Ignorancy hangin’ out all over me

The only job that has materialized for me…paying job….is that of an article-content-provider on the web.  Who knew such a job existed?  It is like being in school with paid grades…10$ for each 500 word report on a website, 5 reports a week.

My problem has been that, while I can write, I have no clear idea of how THEY want me to write.  So I submit & rewrite as I get feedback.  That brings the pay per hour down considerably.  Hopefully I will soon get the hang of this skill and be making enough money to help pay some bills.  Right now, I am writing in the dark.

I see clearly that I need to be obedient and write when I don’t feel like it.  God helps greatly when I am obedient.  I thought I’d learned this lesson but I guess it keeps coming back anyhow.  It does help to remember how He helped the last time!  Even in my ignorance.

Tuesday nights & testing

Tuesday nights are our date nights…we go to a small Spanish class nearby and attempt to learn the language, and then go out to a small diner and attempt to review the class.  It has been a good thing even though we don’t learn as fast as we’d like.  Tonight there was a test, and the teacher’s goal was for us to see that we had actually learned something…everyone got some words right!  There is progress, it is just sloooow progress.

I am reminded of how I spent my day today…I sat with a church friend who has just come home from surgery after a bad car accident while his wife went to work for the first time since the crash.  He would probably have been all right, but she worried that he might not and so he cheerfully accepted my presence to make her feel better.  A small thing…but their marriage is being slowly healed as God brings new life into a marriage once fractured in more painful pieces than his body is right now.

Both are young believers: he actually shared his testimony a few months ago to announce his trusting in Christ for salvation.  Both bring baggage to the home they share, and things have been rough at times.  This accident has been like our Spanish test…it is revealing the things they are getting right.